2017, SECOND PLACE PRIZE. East West Art Award Competition 2017. East West Art Link. London/UK.
2017, BRONZE A' Design Award Winner in the Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Category, 2016-2017. A' Design Award and Competition. Italy
2017, SELECTED WINNER. 6th edition of Latin American Ilustración. AI-AP. New York/USA.
2017, MERIT WINNER. 3x3 International Illustration Show nº 14. 3x3 Magazine. New York/USA.  
2016, SHORTLISTED. World illustration Awards. The AOI. London/United Kingdom.
2013, WINNER. Best education project. Junceda Catalonian illustration Awards. APIC. Barcelona/Spain.
2011, WINNER. Best Illustrated Children's Album. Junceda Catalonian illustration Awards. APIC. Barcelona/Spain.