2018, SHORTLISTED. World illustration Awards 2018. The AOI. London/United Kingdom.
2017, Two GOLD MEDALS (Illustration category). Salon des Beaux Arts 2017. Société Nationale des Beaux Arts. Paris/France.
2017, SECOND PLACE PRIZE. East West Art Award Competition 2017. East West Art Link. London/UK.
2017, BRONZE A' Design Award Winner in the Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Category, 2016-2017. A' Design Award and Competition. Italy
2017, SELECTED WINNER. 6th edition of Latin American Ilustración. AI-AP. New York/USA.
2017, MERIT WINNER. 3x3 International Illustration Show nº 14. 3x3 Magazine. New York/USA.
2017, SELECTED WINNER. Illustrators 60 Annual Competition. The Society of Illustrators of New York. USA.
2017, SELECTED WINNER. Illustration West 56 Competition. The Society of Illustrators of Los Ángeles (SILA). USA.  
2016, SHORTLISTED. World illustration Awards. The AOI. London/United Kingdom.
2013, WINNER. Best education project. Junceda Catalonian illustration Awards. APIC. Barcelona/Spain.
2011, WINNER. Best Illustrated Children's Album. Junceda Catalonian illustration Awards. APIC. Barcelona/Spain.