Cover for issue 113 of Barcelona Metropolis magazine, titled "Emerging Vulnerabilities".
"The Precariousness of the Privileged". Article by Remedios Zafra about the precarious situation hidden under the cool vision of an artist’s life nowadays.
"...Numbers have become the new (non-monetary) payment. Numbers that are not exchangeable for food or rent, but for visibility, and sometimes, for ephemeral self-esteem". "The Precariousness of the Privileged", by Remedios Zafra.
"Between Political Exclusion and the Protagonism of Populism". Article by Quim Brugué about the way the economic crisis is impacting political participation in our society: low participation, social polarisation and the arrival of populist discourses.
“Fear and the emergence of populism have come into play and its political consequences can be very disturbing”. "Between Political Exclusion and the Protagonism of Populism" by Quim Brugué.
"Vulnerable Beings, Vulnerabilised Lives." Article by Yayo Herrero about the turning point we are reaching due to irresponsible human activity and economy on our planet and its resources.
"The Myth of the Entrepreneur and the Value of the Invisible". Article by María Palacín about the need for a leader to have the support of a team to work together in order to reach success.
“To be efficient, a team requires that its members are different from each other. Heterogeneity creates the appropriate conditions for the team”. "The Myth of the Entrepreneur and the Value of the Invisible", by María Palacín.
"When You Are Marked by Your Origin". Article by Mohamed El Amrani about the challenge of building a society where birthplace and social origin do not limit the opportunities of inclusion in it.
"Vulnerable and Demodernising Futures". Article by Xavier Martínez-Celorrio about the arrival of a technological era when human work will become massively expendable or replaceable.
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