2018, Somnis emergents (Emerging dreams). Museu Comarcal de l'Urgell-Tàrrega, Lleida/Spain.

2018, World illustrator awards 2018. Somerset House Exhibition Center, London/United Kingdom.
2018, Illustrators 60 annual competition. Museum of Illustration, New York/USA.
2018, Annual Illustration West 56. SILA headquarters, Los Angeles/USA.
2018, II Certamen Miró & Art. Cercle Artístic de Barcelona, Barcelona/Spain.
2017, Salon des Beaux Arts 2017. Carrousel du Louvre, Paris/France.
2017,  East West Art Award Competition 2017. La Galleria Pall Mall, London/United Kingdom.
2017,  A'Design Awards 2016-2017. Mood (Museum of Design), Como/Italy.
2017, 40 x 40 Exhibition Budapest. Budapest Projekt Galéria. Budapest, Hungary.
2017, Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing Conference. The Lalit Mumbai, Mumbai, India.
2017,  The Seoul Illustration Fair, Seoul/Korea.
2017,  World illustrator awards 2016. Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk/United Kingdom.
 2017,  World illustrator awards 2016. Roe Valley Arts & Culture Center, Limavady/United Kingdom.
2017, World illustrator awards 2016. UWTSD University, Swansea/United Kingdom.
2016, World illustrator awards 2016. Somerset House Exhibition Center, London/United Kingdom.
2016, Yuehu Museum of Art, Shanghai/China.
2016, En Femení. Espai Cavallers Gallery, Lleida/Spain.
2015, Ars. Concabella Castle, Lleida/Spain.
2014, Les Somiants. Espai Cavallers Gallery, with Menchu Fernández Río, Lleida/Spain.

2016, Auction on July 23th, Shanghai Children's Foundation, Yuehu Museum of Art, Shanghai/China.