Weigh your Soul is an artistic intervention created by Sonia Alins and Juanjo Barco on the windows of a glass cabin, which is part of a truck weighbridge. This artistic action was performed at the 2017 Gargar Festival (Penelles -Spain-), an annual international artistic event that invites artists to paint their artworks on severals walls or emblematic places of the town.

Weigh your Soul suggests a symbolic game that contrasts with the material use of the weighbridge and, at the same time, both the weighbridge and the artwork complement each other. This is an intervention that transforms an earthly space into a point of spirituality where we reflect on the weight of the intangible essential characteristic of art and the human soul.

The drawing works as a triptych. In the central part of it, the figure of Destiny emerges, in the form of a woman whose body is a complex labyrinth of roads, and her heart (the heart of destiny) is the lighthouse that allows us to make good choices: love is the most reliable guide to choosing our destination; in addition, Destiny carries a pendulum in her hand, the oscillation of which also rules our lives. On both sides of Destiny, the authors themselves are represented. Both characters are created from bones and other organic forms that remind us of the material part of the human being and hold, with their eyes closed, spheres that represent the soul.

To observe the artwork one has to do it in front of it, and that is precisely where the weighbridge is. So, the title not only invites the visitors to weigh their own soul, but also to enter a metaphorical game that connects them with the artwork.
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